Engineering facilities - PNUIK Kraków

Engineering facilities

Repair and Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure Company in Krakow LLC provides services in the field of construction, modernization and renovation of engineering facilities (bridges, viaducts, culverts, footbridges, technological footbridges, retaining walls, tunnels)

We specialize in the performance of construction and assembly works such as:

  • anti-corrosion of
    steel and reinforced concrete structures,
  • replacement of the existing
    spans with new ones,
  • assembly and disassembly of
    relieving structures in renovated
  • replacement and repair of insulation
    on bridges and viaducts,
  • replacement of bridges,
  • replacement of rivets and worn
    parts of steel structures,
  • repair, replacement of
    wooden and steel walkways ,
  • driving sheet
    piling and piles,
  • repair of punches and
    re-profiling of the bed benches,
  • replacement and maintenance of
  • repair of abutments
    and pillars,
  • reconstruction of culverts
    and their repair,
  • execution and repair of drainage
    of bridge structures,
  • repair and maintenance of cones on bridge structures,
  • removal of failures of
    engineering structures (culverts, bridges,
    viaducts, retaining walls).